Mortgage Leads

Refinance-InnovationThinking outside box and using technology and data management to our advantage is the reason why Contact Ratio’s mortgage leads are funding at an average of 18%!

The number of consumers looking to refinance their Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) is skyrocketing. More than 1.7 million ARMs are scheduled to reset this year alone -- that’s a market of more than $1.5 trillion dollars this year alone! Now there’s a way to find out who these people are, what their loan amounts are, when their loans reset, how much their new payments will be, and more—without waiting for them to come to you.

Contact Ratio is now offering ARM leads complete with Do-Not-Call-compliant phone numbers and detailed recast information—for a fraction of the price of a regular refinance lead. Each ARM Lead includes detailed title, property, and loan data, so you can accurately assess the scenario prior to contacting the consumer.

  • Reset dates—select your timeframe: 30 days, 60 days, 90 day, or 120 days before the recast date
  • A verified phone number you are allowed to call -- compliant with the federal Do-Not-Call registry.
  • The interest rate the consumer is paying, the reset rate, and the maximum recast rate
  • The Appraisal Parcel Code for the property.
  • Detailed information about the property, such as appraisal value, original lender, property size, first and second mortgages, and other data
  • Promotional tools including postcards, letters, and envelopes designed to help you save time.
  • Leads delivered in a variety of formats including HTML, CSV, Excel, and Web Postings directly in your own internal CRM or Contact Ratio’s.

These ARM leads are backed by Contact Ratio’s Replacement Policy:

If you receive a lead with an invalid phone number or if the consumer has already refinanced, we will replace it free of charge.