Internet Marketing / PPC Management

Experience the highest ROI with our account management process

You’ll have a dedicated portfolio account manager overseeing a team of experts skilled in the various areas of successful account setup, optimization, conversion and analytics.  Our team is always optimizing your account with our industry leading techniques.  You can rest assured knowing that your account is in the right hands and under constant monitoring.

Maximum market reach for improved conversions

Unlike other agencies, there is no limit is placed on the number of keywords managed in your accounts.
Removing a limit on keywords significantly increases the opportunity to extend your market reach and can have a significantly beneficial impact on your overall performance.
There are no limits on what keywords your customers are typing in so why should we limit you to how many keywords your account has?
We will continually add keywords that we think will drive quality traffic to your website and remove keywords that don’t improve the performance of your campaign.

Performance based on your key profitability metrics

Our team will work with you in identifying your profitable “key performance indicators,” such as cost per order, cost per lead or return on your ad spend.
Our ability to deliver profitable leads/orders to your business will be the measurement benchmarks for evaluating our performance.

Save money with lower click costs from our hands-on bid management

Unlike other agencies, we do not use software to manage your campaigns.  Automated tools are great for repetitive processes that require no human intelligence, but campaign management and bidding benefits from our hands on attention.
We’ve found that we deliver the best results by manually bidding and tweaking all the keywords within our client’s accounts. 

  • Contact Ratio Rules
  • Setup Features
  • Reporting Features

Contact Ratio’s Rules for Online Marketing:
  • No Contracts:  We never lock you into any contracts because we know that if you’re happy with our services, you will continue to work with us.  We only succeed if you succeed
  • No Campaign/Ad Group Limits:  We maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) by separating groups of keywords into manageable business segments to identify what strategies are working for you best.  If certain keywords are generating most of your business then those keywords should be set apart from your other keywords that aren’t performing as well.

  • We don’t always follow Google’s recommendations:  Google’s recommended keywords can mean disaster.  Everyone is bidding on their recommended keywords and they are often too broad, too expensive and too competitive.  We use niche marketing and target long tail keywords to figure out what your customers are really typing in to find your business.  We continually monitor and add keyword choices. 

  • We respond to your phone calls and emails:  You’re a hard working small business owner and you may have questions.  Our dedicated staff is here to answer your questions and communicate with you.  We value our business relationships and we work hard to provide a personalized approach to online advertising.  We aren’t one of those agencies who don’t answer your phone calls or emails.  We believe in effectively communicating with our clients to help them achieve their goals.