1. How does Contact Ratio differ from other agencies?

    Unlike many other agencies, Contact Ratio has been improving client’s online marketing results with software and services for over 5 years.  That’s 5 years of experience with solid performance, delivering sustainable ROI in the most competitive industries and managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the advertising marketplace.  Your account will benefit from our practices of recruiting only the most highly skilled search marketers and web designers.  Our goal is to help our clients succeed.

  2. Do you limit the amount of keywords you bid on?

    No, we don’t believe in putting limits on the amount of keywords you bid on.  Your customers aren’t limited to what they search for so why should we limit the number of keywords you bid on?  Placing a limit on the number of keywords severely limits the opportunity to maximize the return on your investment.

  3. How many hours will you spend on our account?

    We’ll invest as many hours as needed to maximize your account performance.  Regardless of the amount of resources used for your account, you will never be charged more than the fixed fee agreed upon.

  4. How do I measure your performance?

    Our dedicated team will work with you in identifying your profitable “key performance indicators,” such as cost per order, cost per lead, traffic, or return on your ad spend.  Our ability to deliver profitable leads/orders/traffic to your business will be the measurement benchmarks for evaluating our performance.

  5. Will I have a dedicated account representative?

    You will have someone even better than an account representative.  You will have a portfolio account manager who will oversee the search marketing team.  This manager will be responsible for your account performance.  Your portfolio account manager will also communicate with you on account performance and proposed testing strategies.

  6. How much should I spend in the search engines to justify your management fees?

    We manage your account based on the profitability of your paid search campaigns.  Since the scope of the project is tied very closely to the amount you spend in the search engines, our management fee is calculated based on your PPC ad spend.

  7. Are there any set up fees?

    No, with our Contact Ratio Starter program, you will not be charged any upfront fees to setup your paid search accounts.

  8. Do you use automated bidding software to manage our campaigns?

    Automated bidding software might make campaign management easier, but we have found that we deliver the best results by manually bidding on all keywords within our client’s accounts because analyzing metrics, data and keyword selection requires human insight and experience.

  9. How often do you communicate with us?

    Your portfolio account manager is in continuous contact with you regarding account performance, proposed testing strategies and new opportunities.  You’ll receive comprehensive monthly reports detailing your account performance and identifying important trends.  We tailor our frequency of communications around your schedule.

  10. Do you offer a program for only the setup of campaigns?

    The Contact Ratio Quickstart program is perfect for those organizations looking for a first time setup or re-organization or their existing search marketing accounts with qualified in-house resources for their own ongoing management.  The Contact Ratio Enterprise package is designed for organizations looking for long-term, and sustainable profitable return on their search marketing investment with our portfolio management service.

  11. If I already have PPC accounts setup, can you use my current accounts or do you need to start a new account? 

    We will generally create a brand new account using our proven best practices in account structure, keyword selection and creative building.  This is so we have a “fresh” campaign that has new data and may or may not have different keyword score ratings from your old account.

  12. Will you manage my comparison shopping engine campaigns?

    Our team is especially skilled in understanding the differences in target demographics, bidding, product uploading and account management of the major shopping comparison sites.  Our Contact Ratio Enterprise plan includes comprehensive setup and management of your products in these sites.

  13. Will you help me create better landing pages?

    Absolutely.  The Contact Ratio dedicated creative team are experts in creating  effective landing pages.  Don’t risk using an ineffective landing page that can potentially ruin a great campaign or ruin your PPC conversion rate.  Let our creative team work with you to design and develop custom landing pages optimized for your specific needs.  Our creative team will help you improve your conversion rates and increase your return on investment (ROI) for PPC!

  14. Do you provide other online marketing services, such as search engine optimization?

    In addition to the services listed on this site, we also assist companies with:

    • Comparison Shopping Engine Management
    • Social Media Marketing Strategy & Implementation
    • Email Marketing Services
    • Web Analytics Consulting

Contact us at 1.877.221.5870 to discuss your online marketing goals and determine which services may be right for you.