Debt Settlement

Consumers needing to escape the wrath of credit card debt often find their way to one of our debt settlement websites to fill out our free evaluation form. The Debt Settlement Leads that we generate, therefore, are highly targeted and boast the top conversion rates in the industry. Our partners are seeing conversion rates between 18% and 24% on exclusive leads. Once they have arrived at one of the many Contact Ratio web pages or information centers, the user finds the most recent articles, tips and information on their options before submitting their contact information for review. A test will reveal a positive Contact Ratio and a consumer who is anticipating your call.

Traffic sources Leveraging PPC and SEO exclusively, we know that the users arriving at our site have been actively searching for our products. Quality traffic sources equals higher quality debt settlement leads.

User experience Our sites sites provide quality content and professional design giving the user has a wealth of options. The user can view information on bankruptcy, consumer privacy and debt settlement before requesting to be contacted.

Transparency Our sites’ missions are clear: give the user the facts and invite them to complete our forms.

Because our sites are centered on the user, we can live up to our promises to you, our partners. As veterans of the lead business, we know that doing things the wrong way is the best way to ruin relationships. Learn more about our exclusive debt leads today, contact us at: 888-999-6310

Your questions will be answered when you begin contacting your first few Contact Ratio leads.